Marketing i's [マーケティングアイズ]


マーケティング コンサルタントとの契約:経営コンサルティングの種類と内容

マーケティングコンサルタントとの契約はどういうものなのですか? というご質問を多くいただきます。

コンサルティング マーケティングアイズ弊社の場合は、クライアントさんにご提供できるサービスが以下の通り2種類あります。

− プロジェクト型
− 顧問契約型









非常勤のマーケティング マネージャーを雇用する」ことだと考えていただくとわかりやすいと思います。



マーケティング アイズ コンサルティング内容

マーケティング コンサルタント
理央 周

Contract with a marketing consultant do you thing mean?
You received a lot of questions that.

In the case of our company, there are two types as the following services that can be offered to the client's.

- Project-based
- Advisory contract

It will be consulting in the short term as the name suggests, the purpose of things that a period of one to six months, to solve the problems of the client's, as our company.

For example,
You want to produce the "Rusk" taking advantage of the production line of the bread of the "house.
Package, pricing, promotion, advertising and sales promotion, our sales plan and thus,
I want you to make a plan of action and strategy in a gulp communication transmural "

It becomes such project.
Requests for from medium-sized companies like 5-30 billion yen many speaking in annual sales, it can be said that customers can choose if their challenges are clear there are many.

Advisory contract type unlike project-based, than the goals of a single project,
"New business start-up as a company"
"The introduction of new products to market."
"Targeting as a company"
It will be the consulting company's who aim to "upturn in revenue as a company" due.

For example, it does not make sense to have to grow as a brand on an ongoing basis to then develop new products, as well as was carried out an advertising campaign.

In consulting the advisory contract, providing that you get moving in the people of the employees to solve the problem of the management plan of the entire enterprise by regular visits monthly.

Received a consulting contract as an advisor, it will visit the client's on a regular basis each month, it will be synonymous to "hire a part-time marketing manager," and that when viewed from the corporate side.

You are aware of 100 million yen to 1 billion yen, marketing as important in terms of the annual sales, but I can say the services of companies like for can not afford to hire a marketing manager.

Employment of a person should be careful for most companies.
By the advisory agreement consulting because it is also the training of their employees,
We consider as an investment advisory contract fee, companies like to be contract it is compared with the case of a regular employment has been increasing.

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