Marketing i's [マーケティングアイズ]


雑誌,新聞、チラシ、DM 印刷媒体の広告の創り方


だから、広告 特にクリエイティブを開発する際に最も力を入れるのは、この部分に何を置くか、ということになる。
マーケティング コンサルティング風景



マーケティング コンサルタント
理央 周

マーケティング アイズ
「売れる仕組み研究所 電子版~ ポジショニング戦略

電子マガジン ポジショニング

In the case of horizontal writing a paper medium magazines and newspaper advertising, flyers and DM, people who read the ad,
Reading further to move the eyes to trace the character of Z in the alphabet from the top of the left.

Therefore, do not read me the place to become the starting point of the Z-top-left,
You can say "absolutely" and not get to read the lower from there.

So, put the most power when developing creative advertising in particular,
And thus the of what is placed in this part.
Here is referred to as the catch phrase in the sense that it catches the attention of people = Audience Read,
To be the focus in this part even the very first try.

Here, such as reverse Beams USP that narrowed down, call to the target layer, baroque,
There are various methods, but it represents what the advertisement, and whether you are the purpose is to consider the most.
Do you want to win new customers, do you want to announce the naming of new products of its own,
1 media, one message can have the basic.
Impact because halved it and they put more than one message, and he should become ascetic only.

It is not must you going to build a cool ad from the beginning.
In order to go to ad to sell, and I ought develop creative from the time you clear on what or who to tell.

Please, practice idiot ASAP, Now & Never