Marketing i's [マーケティングアイズ]


Index Rights 株式会社インデックスライツのビジネスモデルとイノベーションが日本の製造業に指針を示す

Index Rights: Global Manufacturing Magazine」をいただいた。

インデックスライツ創刊号Index Rightsとは                 



Index Rightsがなぜ雑誌なのか?         


Index Rights 第2号そもそもこの雑誌を作成している株式会社インデックスライツは、製造業数社が集まり組織された企業。モノづくり大国の日本を支える経営者たちの集団なのだ。 拠点を名古屋、福井、フランクフルト、シリコンバレー、シンガポールにおき、この雑誌を媒体として自社を含めた日本の製造業を世界に向けて発信していくと のこと。

もちろんこの株式会社インデックスライツさんはWebサイトも運用しているが、このように「雑誌」という紙の媒体を創られている 点が素晴らしい発想だと言える。雑誌という媒体は、「電波、電源、機械」画なくても読むことができるし、さらにこのような質の高い情報を正確にじっくりと 伝えるのに最適な媒体である。


製造業  B to B のマーケティングとビジネスモデルの創り方       

この雑誌は世界の企業に配布され、「うちの会社に応用できるな」と感じた企業はIndex Rightsまたは掲載企業にコンタクトをしてビジネスが始まるという流れになる。このような一連の流れを持つ仕組み=ビジネスモデルは非常にユニークで効果的である。

インデックスライツ第2号表紙部品メーカーなどの製造業においては、自社の技術を活かしてもらうために詳細まで理解してもらう必要がある。したがって、動画や雑誌広告を一目見たからと いってすぐにレスポンスが来るとは限らない。このIndexRIghtsには、掲載企業の特質や製品の内容画事細かに掲載されているため、自社の製品の生 産技術に関して応用できそうであればコンタクトをしたくなる。さらには、サンプルまで入手できる仕組みにもなっている。


拙 著「ひつまぶしとスマホは、同じ原理でできている」でも書いたように、既存の価値観や固定観念に固執すると新しく画期的な発想が出てこない。たとえば、 「うちの会社は車の部品を作ってきたんだから、航空機産業になんか進出できない」という発想になってしまう。これではひろがりができないのである。


日本を指させる製造業の一つの在り方を指し示す、素晴らしい媒体であり、かつビジネスモデルだと言える。*インデックスライツのサイトは⇒ こちら

マーケティング コンサルタント
理央 周

マーケティング アイズ

I got the: "Global Manufacturing Magazine Index Rights".

This magazine is written entirely in English,
"Managers around the world are always looking for a good supplier in order to enhance the value of their products, willing to supply parts and excellent processing technology of its own"
Things and be delivered to.

When I read, and are described technology of manufacturing industry in Japan is interviewed in a fair amount of detail.
For he has drawn what technology of manufacturing the highest level, or can be provided to customers in the technology of its own and to be fine at the cutting edge Japan boasts.

Thing to photos and content, and structure of the article is a quality such as the top fashion magazines like is also a feature of this magazine.

Originally Rights Index Corporation has created this magazine, companies organized several companies manufacturing industry gather. It's a group of managers who support Japan's manufacturing powerhouse.
It was placed Nagoya, Fukui, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley and Singapore offices, and with the will to disseminate to the world in the manufacturing industry of Japan, including its own as a medium of this magazine.

This Index Corporation's Rights is also hosting a Web site, but of course, it can be said to be a point where the idea is made the medium of paper called "magazine" in this way is great. It is possible to read even without "radio waves, power, mechanical" picture, and the medium of magazines, is the best medium to convey carefully exactly high-quality information such as this further.

Putting out a synergistic effect features in combination have become essential for the media.
The combination of the Web and this magazine is also great in that sense.

Companies that this magazine is distributed to companies in the world, felt the "Do not be applicable to the company of" inside will flow business that begins to contact the above companies or Index Rights. Mechanism = business model that has a flow like this is effective in very unique.

In the manufacturing industry, such as parts manufacturers, there is a need to get to understand to detail in order to get leverage their technology. Therefore, it is not always the response is to come soon because you are at first glance the magazine and advertising videos. This IndexRIghts, because it has been posted on the contents of the image-blown product and the nature of the above companies, you'll want to contact, if likely to be applied for the production technology of their products. Furthermore, it is also a mechanism available to sample.

It is said that the manufacturing industry in Japan is proud to have come in transition from many years ago.
In which consulted many, I also there in my opinion of course, but companies that are too narrowly defined their business in many cases.

As written, "smartphone and Hitsumabushi is made of the same principle" even my book, a new and innovative idea does not come out when you stick to stereotypes and existing values​​. For example, it becomes the idea "of a company of which You've actually made ​​a part of the car, can not advance softening in the aircraft industry" and. Spread is not possible in this.

I think business development to other industry is not easy enough to say in the mouth, but should be flexible psychologically at least. Point also read the spirit of the up and coming idea of this magazine.

It can be said that point the way of one of the manufacturing industry to point to Japan, it's business model and is a great medium.